Jonathan Turley Blasts Press Sec For False Claims About Biden Scandal

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who was infamously praised for being the first “black, lesbian, immigrant” to ever be hired for the position, has drawn some major heat for remarks she recently made.

The White House press secretary, who has routinely claimed that the Biden administration is dedicated to “transparency,” was seen seemingly dodging a question from a reporter about if the current administration is able to confidently tell the American people that Biden does not have other classified documents laying around.

“Again, this is an ongoing process, so I’m going to let the process continue,” Jean-Pierre answered. “It is being reviewed by the Department of Justice, and I’m just going to leave it there.”

Jean-Pierre told reporters that they “should assume that [the search has] been completed,” shortly before the discovery of a second batch of classified Biden documents.

Numerous Republicans called for the formation of a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden in wake of the scandal.

Attorney Jonathan Turley, who serves as the Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, does not seem to be buying it. The longtime legal expert suggested Jean-Pierre’s claims of so-called “transparency” bear no weight.

“It is increasingly painful to watch Karine Jean-Pierre as she argues that they have been “transparent” by being transparently unwilling to answer any questions…” Turley posted online.

“…Nothing prevents the White House from answering basic questions about the scandal. It will not undermine the Justice Department for the White House to confirm the President’s position and recollection. The silence protects the President not the investigation…”

Turley stressed that while it may make sense for Biden to keep quiet about the scandal for his own sake, there is zero necessity for silence in order to protect the investigation or the “independence of the Justice Department” alike.

As RedState noted, numerous questions about the Biden classified documents scandal have yet to be answered, including how they were “accidentally removed,” or who even placed them there.