Judge Unseals Divorce Case Involving Anti-Trump Fulton County Prosecutor

A judge recently ordered court records to be publicly released concerning a divorce involving the special prosecutor in the Georgia election case against former President Donald Trump. The lead prosecutor is also being accused of having an affair with the individual who appointed him, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The now-unsealed court records don’t include references to affair allegations that were brought forth by a co-defendant in the Trump case, Michael Roman.

The judge’s ruling is significant because it could bar Willis and Wade from prosecuting the former president, possibly changing the outcome of the case against Trump.

The judge’s order to unseal the divorce case involving lead Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade came after a defense attorney requested to do so, alleging an inappropriate relationship between Willis and Wade.

Roman initially submitted a filing in the Trump case, claiming that Willis and Wade’s “improper” relationship resembled a conflict of interest and caused a massive amount of city funds to be misused. The co-defendant asked for both officials to be dismissed.

Roman’s filing alleges that Wade’s law firm used county funds to go on lavish vacations with Willis and that Wade was appointed without the approval of authorities, considering he had minimal prosecutorial experience, according to Breitbart News.

The filing also accuses Willis and Wade of meeting twice with President Joe Biden’s White House counsel months before indicting the former president in August 2023.

The Associated Press reported that the judge said he can’t rule whether Willis would have to sit for a deposition in Wade’s divorce case until the lead Trump prosecutor is questioned.

The attorney for Wade’s estranged wife, Jocelyn Wade, wrote in court papers that the prosecutor has traveled to San Francisco, California, Florida, Belize, Australia, and Panama and has taken expensive cruise trips since filing for divorce, alleging that Willis “was an intended travel partner for at least some of these trips as indicated by flights he purchased for her to accompany him.”

Roman’s filing includes credit card statements detailing a trip Wade took with Willis in October 2022 to Miami, Florida, along with tickets the special prosecutor bought in April 2023 to San Francisco alongside the district attorney.