MSNBC Panel Mocks Virginia Voters For Caring About Immigration

While discussing the polling results of Super Tuesday, left-wing personalities mocked Virginia voters for standing by immigration as a top priority issue for the upcoming presidential election.

On March 5, Jen Psaki, former press secretary for the Biden administration, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and MSNBC political commentator Joy Reid laughed together at the prospect of Virginia residents caring about what happens at the nation’s border.

The comments were made during an MSNBC segment discussing the exit polls for Super Tuesday, the day when most states hold primary elections. In a 14-second video clip circulated on X by State Freedom Caucus Network communications director Greg Price, Psaki begins the mockery by saying that “immigration was the number one issue” among American voters.

Reid responds by laughing, followed by Maddow joking that Virginia shares a border with West Virginia, making it “a very contested area.”

Maddow also suggested “build the wall” between the Eastern states, poking fun at similar efforts to keep illegal immigrants from coming into America via the southern border it shares with Mexico.

The video has made the rounds on social media, garnering backlash from Americans and a resurgence in pointing to the recent kidnapping and murder of Laken Riley, a young woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant in Georgia. Her death is now frequently cited as a reason for instilling harsher immigration laws.

Even closer to home for Virginians who care about illegal immigration is the recent arrest of an illegal alien from Venezuela, who was charged for attacking a minor. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency revealed in a press release that Renzo Mendoza Montes was arrested on Feb. 22 in Rustburg, Virginia.

He was charged for engaging in “indecent liberties” with a minor below the age of 13 and similar allegations of inappropriate behavior with a child who is between the ages of 13 and 14. Montes is currently being held in a Virginia jail.

According to a local news report on Tuesday’s primary election, Virginia voters were largely motivated by immigration and economic issues. Specifically, voters from the rural area of Marshall in Fauquier County expressed frustration about living paycheck to paycheck as well as a general concern about the state of American democracy.