Noem Backs Trump In South Dakota, Fuels VP Buzz

In a move that has sparked widespread conversation about the 2024 presidential race, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) endorsed President Donald Trump at a high-energy rally in Rapid City on Friday evening. The Monumental Leaders Rally, a South Dakota Republican Party fundraiser, was punctuated with a graphic appearing on screen that read “Trump Noem 2024,” fueling speculation about Noem’s potential role as a vice-presidential candidate.

“He shows up for every American and he fights for us every single day,” Noem declared, championing Trump as the warrior America needs. “Those who hate America know that he will fight every single day to stop them from destroying this country.”

The endorsement from Noem isn’t just an affirmation; it’s a statement about the direction she thinks the GOP should head. “The only person in this presidential race who will fix that situation at the southern border is President Trump,” she emphatically announced.

Trump warmly reciprocated the endorsement, calling Noem a “warrior for American values.” In Trump’s words: “I get endorsements, some don’t mean anything. Hers means a lot.” Given Trump’s current position at the top of the GOP field — leading by an average of nearly 39 percentage points according to RealClearPolitics — Noem’s backing adds even more momentum to a campaign that already seems to be bulldozing its way through the Republican primary.

Amid the glowing endorsement, speculation has soared regarding Noem’s potential as Trump’s running mate. When asked on Thursday about the possibility, Noem stated, “I would in a heartbeat.” This openness clearly indicates that the South Dakota governor sees a partnership with Trump as an advantageous step, not just for her but for the country.

The importance of Noem’s endorsement at this juncture can’t be overstated. According to Republican strategist Matt Dole, Noem’s early endorsement signals that “Trump is solidifying the base behind his candidacy.” She adds weight and draws even more people to Trump’s already expansive table, particularly among conservatives who admire her resistance to pandemic restrictions and focus on economic growth.

But Noem didn’t just sing Trump’s praises; she also sounded the alarm about the current administration. She criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the southern border. She echoed Trump’s sentiments that the Democrats are the “party of disinformation.”

Noem’s call to arms isn’t limited to endorsing Trump; she also urged the American people to get involved personally to stand up for their freedoms. Citing a quote often attributed to Edmund Burke, she said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

As Trump said at the rally, “The fact is we are probably heading into a Great Depression.” While many would view this as an exaggerated claim, it resonates with voters concerned about the economy under Biden’s watch.

The endorsement event was more than a political ritual. It was a crystallization of the conservative vision for America’s future — a future that, according to Gov. Noem and many in the Republican base, would be best led by Donald Trump. With the first nominating contest still months away, this endorsement could be a defining moment that shapes the 2024 race and solidifies Trump’s path back to the White House.