Poll: Most Republicans Satisfied With Trump Becoming Presidential Nominee

After former President Donald Trump routed his competitors vying for the GOP’s presidential nomination in the Iowa caucuses, an ABC News poll recently showed that most Republican voters feel better off voting for the former president as the party’s nominee in the forthcoming election.

Over 70% of Republican adults said they would be very or somewhat satisfied to vote for the former president as the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2024, according to the ABC News poll.

Nearly 65% of respondents said the same about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and 50% echoed such a belief about former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R).

The survey also revealed that 80% of GOP voters believe Trump has the best chance of becoming the Republican presidential nominee in November 2024. Just 10% of individuals said the same about Haley and 9% about DeSantis.

The former president has established himself as the clear frontrunner of the GOP presidential field, having easily trounced his opposition in the recent Iowa caucuses, leading entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy to drop out of the race and endorse him.

After Iowa Republicans recently supported the former president in record numbers, over 74% of GOP voters nationwide said they were somewhat or very satisfied with Trump. Such individuals claim that Trump is the presidential contender who best represents their values and is qualified to serve as president.

The former president holds a 72% favorability rating, higher than DeSantis or Haley.

Trump is also considered the frontrunner in the upcoming New Hampshire primaries, scheduled for Jan. 23, 2024. Shortly after his victory in The Hawkeye State, Haley said she would not participate in GOP presidential debates.

Haley trails the former president in The Granite State by 14 percentage points, according to a poll by Suffolk University.

In his victory speech to Iowans on Jan. 15, 2024, Trump expressed confidence that he would cruise to victory in the forthcoming New Hampshire primaries.

“So it’s now off to New Hampshire, a great place … they’re embarrassed by what’s going on. Our country is laughed at all over the world and laughing at us,” the former president said. “And they want our country to come back.”