Portland Homeless Crisis Worsens As Poor Construct ‘Tiny Homes’

The liberal enclave of Portland is experiencing a fresh homelessness crisis as homeless residents have begun constructing “tiny homes” on the streets made out of wood and plywood, which resemble livable, furnished homes, as seen in remarkable recent footage.

The wave of plywood “tiny home” constructions in Portland comes as the progressive city fights to control its homelessness epidemic. Not only does it make Portland’s streets unsightly and demoralizing for city residents, but it poses a public health and safety problem. The epidemic is rife with open-air drug use on the streets and an increase in prostitution.

Video footage taken by Kevin Dahlgren, an Oregon resident who has built up a following for documenting Portland’s homelessness crisis, shows how vagrants on the city’s streets have erected several wooden, tiny homes on streets throughout the city.

According to Dahlgren’s posts on X, formerly Twitter, some of the homes are equipped for sporting activities, while the city’s homeless use others for drugs and prostitution right on Portland’s streets.

“I’m finding tiny homes built by the homeless popping up on nearly every block in some neighborhoods,” Dahlgren said on Wednesday. “This one is quite nice and even has a basketball hoop. Another [one] I saw today though was used for prostitution and another for drugs.”

Unfortunately for residents, homeless wanderers have overrun the Democrat-controlled city over the past several years. As a result, residents have fled the downtown area to escape from open-air drug use and muggings by violent homeless repeat offenders.

In October 2022, former Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) declared a “humanitarian catastrophe” over the city’s dirty and unsafe homeless encampments because of the severity of violent crime and drug use in over 700 homeless encampments that spread over Portland while Wheeler was mayor.

Oregon voters exacerbated the crisis when they legalized hard street drugs in November 2020 with Ballot Measure 110, requiring police to give drug users a citation and referral to health services instead of arresting them and charging them with a crime. The results were so destructive the state voted again to re-criminalize drugs during the current legislative session.