Sheila Jackson Lee’s Election Day Ad Disaster

Bombastic and controversial Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) at least provides free entertainment to conservatives along with her loony far-left policies. Her most recent gaffe comes through a campaign ad run supporting her ongoing campaign to be the next mayor of Houston.

While Houston’s mayoral runoff election will be held on December 9, her campaign’s most recent ad asked voters to go to the polls for Jackson Lee on December 7. The error immediately brought ridicule and criticism from political rivals and the public, pointedly jeering Jackson Lee’s reputation for incompetence.

Podcast host Michael Berry wrote in a Saturday post on X, formerly Twitter: “Sheila Jackson Lee got the election day (which is actually Dec 9) wrong on her TV ad. Dec 5 is last day of early voting. Dec 7 is, well, not a day to vote. A perfect metaphor for Sheila Jackson Lee’s whole life: wrong.”

Aside from the humor Jackson Lee unintentionally provided, the mistake could actually hurt her election hopes. She is facing stiff competition from Texas State Sen. John Whitmire (D) in the race. The race went into the general election with 16 candidates in total. As no contender drew an absolute majority of votes, Jackson Lee and Whitmire will face off head-to-head in the runoff on Saturday as the top two vote-getters.

A Houston Public Media/Houston Chronicle/UH Political Science and Population Health Poll published last week indicated Whitmire led with the support of 42% of likely voters in the city. Jackson Lee pulled 35%, and 22% said they remained undecided.

Jackson Lee is no stranger to controversy and has been part of several contentious situations as a member of the House of Representatives. Named as the “Meanest Democrat in the House” in 2014, she has been quoted as telling her staffers, “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.”

The “queen” comment allegedly came earlier this year when Jackson Lee faced significant controversy over her treatment of paid staffers. Reports emerged that she frequently used harsh and demeaning language, with incidents involving cursing and berating her staff.

One former employee recalled being regularly called a “stupid m—–f—er,” while another described an emotionally disturbing incident where Jackson Lee called them a “stupid idiot” in front of parents visiting her congressional office.

As always, the voters will get the last word, and we’ll see what sort of choice Houston makes this weekend.