Trump Seeks Documents From Jack Smith Proving Bias

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team filed a motion on Tuesday alleging bias against the defendant by the U.S. intelligence community, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and special counsel Jack Smith.

Smith was appointed by the Biden administration to lead the federal charge against the 45th president over the Mar-a-Lago documents case.

The motion requested Smith’s prosecutorial team be compelled to hand over documents related to the case. Documents that have not been provided despite “basic discovery obligations and DOJ policies.”

Defense attorneys further alleged the Biden White House undertook “egregious efforts to weaponize the criminal justice system in pursuit of an objective that President Biden cannot achieve on the campaign trail.”

Specifically, to derail Trump’s charge toward a second term in the White House.

The filing noted that Trump was forced to spend part of his time on the campaign trail in Iowa preparing the motion presented Tuesday. It charged Smith’s office “disregarded fundamental fairness and its legal obligations in favor of partisan election interference.”

Trump’s legal team further alleged Tuesday night that Smith and his associates collaborated with the Biden White House. The attorneys seek “additional evidence of bias and political animus” to be produced by prosecutors.

His lawyers asserted that the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request would reveal “disturbing but not surprising” evidence.

They wrote, “The FOIA releases, coupled with other evidence scattered throughout more than 1.2 million pages of discovery, reflect close participation in the investigation by NARA and Biden administration components such as the White House Counsel’s Office.”

The Trump team also plans to dispute Smith’s assertion that the documents held at Mar-a-Lago were not secured.

Specifically, the former president’s attorneys seek communications between Smith’s cohorts and the Biden White House. They desire communications between the administration and Fulton County authorities.

Disclosures are also sought to show evidence of bias in the U.S. intelligence community and NARA.

It is doubtless that evidence exists to show how the Biden administration colluded with other parties to persecute Trump. The question is whether proof will be handed over or simply concealed as the proceedings continue.