UFC President Dana White Storms Off Howie Mandel’s Podcast

Howie Mandel was briefly left speechless during Wednesday’s podcast with UFC President Dana White. Within less than a minute into the show, White took his headset off and stormed out.

White was scheduled to appear on Mandel’s podcast, “Howie Mandel Does Stuff,” along with comedian Ginger Billy. Mandel began the podcast by giving White praise.

“Dana White, you are an amazing guy. I can’t thank you enough for being here. … You are not only an amazing businessman, you are an inspiration, you are a philosopher, the way you do business, the way you conduct your business, and your friendships and media, I’m jealous. I can’t thank you enough for being here,” Mandel told White.

White thanked Mandel for the “kind words” and then proceeded to shock everyone with what he would say and do next.

“Thank you all for the kind words, I appreciate it,” White told Mandel. “I am so f—ing tired of doing podcasts, I’m literally done with them. I’m not doing any more podcasts.”

White’s abrupt exit left Mandel, his co-host Jackelyn Shultz and Billy stunned. After he watched White storm off, Mandel acted like nothing out of the ordinary happened and began interviewing his other guest, Billy.

Mandel later posted on X about the incident, stating that White “quit my podcast.”

Many outlets began speculating that this was a pre-planned stunt to boost Mandel’s ratings. If that were the case, it seemed to work. The video has already reached more views than Mandel’s last few videos combined.

At the same time, others believe that White appeared visibly upset while Mandel showered him with compliments. Some users commented that White sensed Mandel’s fakeness and decided that he was not going to tolerate it.

Many were also skeptical about White’s remarks about no longer participating in podcasts. Being the president of UFC, White has done his share of podcasts. In fact, he stated that he enjoyed doing them.

Whatever the reasoning behind it is, many viewers are now aware that Howie Mandel has a podcast and that Dana White could make anything trend.