Biden Declared ‘Fit To Serve’ Despite No Cognitive Testing

President Joe Biden’s cognitive fitness has been a topic of concern since the beginning of his presidency. However, his physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, recently declared him “fit to serve” despite not having undergone a cognitive test. Biden’s unwillingness to undergo cognitive testing, along with his frequent blunders and apparent lack of mental clarity, has caused many Americans to worry about the president’s ability to perform his duties adequately.

The issue of cognitive testing for presidents has been a controversial topic recently, with many conservatives feeling that cognitive testing should be mandatory for all presidents. This belief was reinforced during Donald Trump’s presidency, as he took and passed a cognitive test, proving his cognitive abilities. But the Biden White House and mainstream media remain silent on the matter.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) reacted harshly on Twitter with a slew of tweets, “Remember when the media went BALLISTIC wanting Trump to have a cognitive exam? Where are they today with Biden? It’s SILENCE!!”

It is essential to determine if the President is mentally and physically fit to perform the duties and obligations that come with holding the highest office in the land. In the case of President Biden, it is of utmost importance to verify his cognitive abilities since he is the oldest president to assume office.

Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel says, “This physical exam is more significant for what it leaves out than what it actually tells us.”

Dr. O’Connor’s assessment of President Biden’s cognitive fitness lacks credibility. His assessment relied on a combination of factors, including President Biden’s medical history and overall health. However, more than these factors are needed to evaluate the president’s cognitive fitness thoroughly.

Newly announced Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley recently declared that all politicians over 75 should undergo mandatory mental competency testing, an apparent dig at President Biden’s mental state.

The lack of a cognitive test, combined with President Biden’s history of gaffes and cognitive decline, has increased the anxiety among Americans about the President’s ability to execute his duties as commander in chief effectively. Many believe that his cognitive decline is visible in his public speeches, and the country deserves a leader who can maintain a coherent and decisive message.