Biden Gets Root Canal — ‘Eats Like A Child’

President Joe Biden underwent a root canal behind closed doors at the White House on Monday amid reports that his eating habits are a cause for great concern.

According to Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s personal physician, the president began experiencing discomfort in his lower right premolar on Sunday. The exploratory root canal was performed and O’Connor said the Democrat “tolerated the procedure well.”

The Associated Press reported Biden had additional pain on Monday, which O’Connor said was normal. A team from Walter Reed National Medical Military Center performed the treatment.

The White House confirmed that Biden was not placed under anesthesia for the procedure. The dental emergency followed recent reports that the president resists healthy eating and endures a continuing struggle with first lady Jill Biden to improve his diet.

Axios reported that aides said Biden eats “like a child.”

Biden’s history of childish eating habits is well documented, and he is not shy about revealing his dietary missteps. Even at the most sensitive moments.

Earlier this year the Democrat drew widespread ridicule for his first statement to the media after the tragic Nashville Christian elementary school shooting.

Before addressing the loss of life at the hands of a deranged transgender shooter, Biden joked about ice cream.

Presidential aides report his diet includes a steady stream of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, BLTs, pizza, cookies, spaghetti, and of course ice cream. Biden’s sister Val revealed that he will finish a carton of Breyers chocolate chip ice cream when the first lady is not present.

Biden was scheduled on Monday to make an appearance at College Athlete Day on the White House South Lawn. The event was to host NCAA champions in a variety of sports from the last academic year. He was replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Other events were rescheduled, including a meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and a reception for chiefs of mission at the White House.

As video evidence mounts of the seemingly constant confusion experienced by the nearly 80-year-old president, those in his inner circle must be concerned over how he will handle the 2024 presidential race. Both his physical and mental health are increasingly called into question.