Brett Favre Calls For Fox News Boycott After Tucker Carlson’s Ousting

American football passing champion and former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Lorenzo Favre declared it is time to boycott Fox News after it infamously parted ways with Tucker Carlson, one of the most popular primetime show hosts the network has ever hired.

“I’m with Tucker,” Favre, 53, posted on Twitter as he shared a clip that featured SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly going after Fox News after the ousting of Carlson. “Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak.

“They don’t have a deal. Why not?” Kelly can be seen asking. “Because he needs to be silenced while Fox tries to rebuild that disappearing audience.”

“They are banking on you coming back to them. They got a debate in August. You can’t resist. You’ll go. You’ll forgive everything. They’re banking on it.”

The video also showed Carlson expressing various conservative views, including his disdain for men who impose a far-left gender ideology upon others as well as his advocation for traditional families and values.

“Show Tucker you stand with him,” reads the conclusion screen, which adds, “Stand with Tucker. Boycott Fox News,” before showing the station’s logo with a large red cross over it.

The Hill reported that a source of Axios said that Carlson is aiming to have his allies go after Fox News in an effort to compel his former employer to release him from a contract that may be stopping him from assuming a role at a rival company or creating a new outlet entirely.

Many in the new media space are trying to scoop Carlson up, and clearly hold him in high regard given many of their offers.

CEO Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment, for instance, appeared on Kelly’s show to reveal that his company will pay Carlson $100 million dollars in exchange for a five-year partnership with his company, also offering an equity stake, a position as president of the company coupled with a board seat, and any podcasts, shows, documentaries, or movies the former Fox News host may hope to produce.

“Dear Tucker, I’ll get right to the point. We want you to partner with us in what we feel is a noble and necessary effort to define the future of media,” reads Bet-David’s offer letter to Carlson.