Cartel Violence Claims Young Mexican Music Star

In a chilling development that echoes across borders, Jesus Norberto “Chuy Montana” Cardenas Velazquez, a rising star in Mexico’s narco-music scene, was murdered on Wednesday just south of the U.S. southern border near Tijuana, Baja California. This tragic incident not only sheds light on the escalating cartel violence in Mexico but also raises serious concerns about the spillover of such lawlessness into the United States, putting a spotlight on the Biden administration’s ongoing open borders policy disaster.

Chuy Montana, who performed the increasingly popular genre of “Corridos Tumbados” — music that often glorifies a criminal lifestyle — met a violent end. His body was discovered along the Tijuana-Rosarito highway, handcuffed and riddled with gunshot wounds. According to local authorities, the musician was intercepted, handcuffed, and abducted by unidentified gunmen. In a desperate attempt to escape, Montana jumped from the vehicle but was mercilessly shot down.

Corridos Tumbados music is characterized by its raw depiction of the drug trade, luxury, and violence. This music genre, now gaining traction in the U.S., represents a cultural phenomenon that serves as a grim reminder of the real-world violence perpetrated by drug cartels.

The killing is not an isolated incident but a part of a worrying trend in Tijuana, a city caught in the crossfire of warring drug cartels. The murder of Chuy Montana underscores the reality of the region’s deteriorating security situation. Last September, another popular artist, Peso Pluma, had to cancel a concert in Tijuana due to credible death threats from the Cartel Jalisco New Generation. This violence is not confined to Mexico but is a looming threat at America’s doorstep.

As America watches, the tragedy of Chuy Montana serves as a somber reminder of the urgent need for effective border security and international cooperation to combat the growing influence of drug cartels. It’s a call to action for the Biden administration to bolster its policies and stand firm against forces that threaten the safety and stability of the region. It should also serve as a powerful reminder to all Americans of the importance of this year’s elections for America’s basic national security and border integrity.