Comer: Biden Received Millions from Global Adversaries

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), made a significant announcement during his appearance on Newsmax last Saturday. Comer assured viewers that he possessed fresh evidence of funds being transferred to the Bidens from foreign nations.

The explosive news that broke on Friday revealed Hunter Biden had received a substantial amount of $5.1 million from a Chinese firm. This revelation came after Hunter sent a threatening message via WhatsApp to an associate named Henry Zhao, where he mentioned being with his father, Joe Biden.

Comer hinted at additional forthcoming information, expressing his desire to provide assurance to the American people, stating bank records were received and presently undergoing scrutiny, but they held the potential to uncover additional wire transfers from all over the world.

While China and Romania had already been disclosed, there are still more Chinese wire transfers to be presented to the American public. Furthermore, Comer asserted that he possessed evidence of numerous mysterious wire transfers from Ukraine and Russia, which are about to be exposed.

According to Comer, this is only the beginning for the Bidens, as he claimed the Department of Justice is obstructing their investigation. The implications of Comer’s allegations will undoubtedly make it increasingly challenging for President Biden and the mainstream media to downplay the significance of the story.

Comer stressed the involvement of millions and millions of dollars from adversaries worldwide, and the Bidens have been unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for the origins of this money. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden attended a state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an event to which Garland was also invited.

This occurred shortly after charges were filed against the president’s son, raising concerns about preferential treatment. Comer further accused the IRS of neglecting its duty to investigate Hunter’s financial irregularities, despite having prior knowledge of them.

Comer claims the IRS is fully aware of money laundering and tax evasion, as evidenced by records in the Treasury Cabinet, yet took no action against Hunter Biden. As he continues to provide compelling evidence contradicting the president’s previous claims, the credibility of the Biden administration becomes increasingly compromised.