EU Declares War On ‘Gendered’ Language

The European Union’s Institute for Gender Equality has issued what amounts to a declaration of war on truth and, by extension, Western civilization, according to The National Pulse.

The lengthy document seeks to annihilate phrases like “a man’s home is his castle” and traditions like referring to a ship as a “she.”

One weapon in the Institute’s war on language is the “Toolkit on Gender-sensitive Communication.” The tactic is to belittle expressions like “Joe Public,” and replace it with “an average citizen.”

Other terms in the crosshairs are “brotherhood,” “countryman,” and “Englishman.” In their place, the EU agency recommends “community,” “compatriot,” and “English person”.

When it comes to words that necessarily denote gender such as “King and Queen,” “ladies and gentlemen” and “husband and wife,” the toolkit suggests subverting the phrases by “swapping the order of these phrases sometimes.”

The toolkit also instructs woke soldiers to use “it” rather than “her” when talking about a ship or “France and its citizens” rather than “France and her citizens.”

Woke soldiers should never call someone’s native language their “mother tongue.”

If that’s not bad enough, the toolkit goes on to attack traditional Christian morality. Instead of calling a promiscuous woman “loose,” she should be described as “having sexual confidence.”

What is the purpose of it all? The toolkit opens with, “Language is a reflection of the attitudes, behaviors, and norms within a society. It also shapes people’s attitudes as to what is ‘normal’ and acceptable.”

Translation: The EU’s Institute for Gender Equality is declaring war on the “normal”—read traditional Western values. They are seeking to make the abnormal normal.

It is a rejection of Christian values and traditions. It is a rejection of God. It is a rejection of truth.

Genesis 5:2 puts it plainly, “He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” That is the truth. It comes from God.

The radical gender equality sought by the institute is designed to remove the distinction between man and woman and in doing so crown the government as supreme.

Some liberals are rightly alarmed by the extremes of wokeness. Liberal commentator Bill Maher is frustrated with wokeness and points out that five years ago liberals liked Abraham Lincoln and now the woke are bent on taking down statues of him.

In the end, woke warriors—like those in the EU’s Institute for Gender Equality—are nihilists. They believe in nothing but power over us all and will destroy anything and everything to achieve it.