Evidence Allegedly Links Biden To Multiple Trump Indictments

Former President Donald Trump has long portrayed the criminal charges against him in four separate jurisdictions as part of a coordinated political attack. This week, new details have emerged that some experts say put President Joe Biden at the center of the conspiracy.

In a bombshell court filing by a co-defendant in the Fulton County, Georgia, election-interference case against Trump that outlined an “inappropriate” romantic relationship between District Attorney Fani Willis and prosecutor Nathan Wade, related details indicated that Wade met with White House attorneys on two separate occasions in the lead-up to the indictment.

Constitutional law expert Mike Davis reported that this revelation appears to be just the tip of the iceberg, urging the House Judiciary Committee to probe evidence that the Biden administration met with “three different prosecutors on these four different indictments against President Trump.”

He went on to offer speculation about the Georgia meeting during an interview on Tuesday with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

“What was the purpose of this trip?” he asked. “Obviously, this trip, this meeting is about Trump’s case. This unprecedented prosecution of Trump by Fani Willis and her alleged boyfriend Nathan Wade, because Nathan Wade billed for $2,000 of his time for this meeting with the White House counsel. So the White House cannot say that this meeting was not related to Trump.”

Davis argued that a similar conclusion could be reached about a subsequent meeting between Wade and the White House before delving into two other pieces of evidence that support his overarching claim.

“Remember, it was Deputy White House Counsel Jonathan Su who waived President Trump’s claim of executive privilege on behalf of President Trump that led to the unprecedented, unnecessary, unlawful home raid on President Trump for the presidential records he’s allowed to have under the Presidential Records Act,” he said.

Furthermore, Davis pointed to Justice Department insider Matthew Colangelo, whom he said “got sent to DA Alvin Bragg’s office … to resurrect this zombie case against Trump that the prior Manhattan DA, the Manhattan U.S. attorney, the Federal Election Commission and Alvin Bragg himself passed on.”

In light of these apparent connections between the Biden administration and prosecutors handling Trump cases, he concluded: “I would say to the Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan it’s time to have hearings immediately.”