Facebook Files Reveal Biden Administration Push To Censor Content

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) recently disclosed another set of freshly subpoenaed documents. According to him, these documents shed light on how Facebook yielded to pressure from the Biden White House, leading to the removal of certain posts from the social media platform.

This disclosure was part of a comprehensive social media thread called “The Facebook Files Part 2,” which commenced with a link to a Wall Street Journal report titled “Facebook Bowed to White House Pressure, Removed Covid Posts.”

Following that, Jordan expressed that during the summer of 2021, the White House was actively engaged in a nationwide campaign to encourage Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

As a component of this effort, there was both a public and secret campaign to exert pressure on Facebook, urging them to take a more assertive stance in monitoring vaccine-related content, even including content that was factually accurate.

Jordan, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, pointed out that this pressure campaign wasn’t the first time the Biden Administration had attempted to influence Facebook.

He cited an incident in July 2021 when Facebook’s head of Global Affairs questioned why they had been censoring the COVID lab leak theory. The response was straightforward. The Facebook executive said, “Because we were under pressure from the administration…We shouldn’t have done it.”

To substantiate his claim, he presented an email as evidence.

In a tweet on Friday, Jordan said, “Biden Administration officials claimed that many Americans were hesitant to get vaccines because of content – including true information – that they saw on Facebook.”

Last July, Biden remarked on that content, “They’re killing people.”

Jordan wrote, “Facebook employees initially bristled at President Biden’s accusation. The tongue lashing directly caused Facebook to reevaluate its policies about COVID-19 content – discussions that involved high-level company officials including Clegg and then Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.”

According to Jordan’s statement, the White House aimed to suppress “humorous posts about the vaccine,” specifically targeting jokes and light-hearted content.

Jordan expressed his disbelief, saying, “Seriously, jokes were too much.”

Jordan said, “The Biden administration also wanted Facebook to remove TRUE information as well.” He added that “Facebook even considered ‘blackholing’ certain domains.”

In August, Facebook’s leadership finally yielded and decided to modify the company’s content moderation policies due to the ongoing pressure from the Biden Administration, according to Jordan.

Following Jordan’s disclosure of what he referred to as “smoking-gun documents,” demonstrating Facebook’s censorship on behalf of the Biden administration, the second set of “Facebook Files” was made public on Thursday.