Michael Rapaport Withdraws Support For Biden, Says Trump Is ‘On The Table’

Michael Rapaport, a liberal comedian known for his scathing critiques of former President Donald Trump, has withdrawn his support for President Joe Biden. The actor’s change of heart comes amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, as he expressed his frustration with the current administration’s approach to the situation in a profanity-laced video posted on social media.

Rapaport, who has never shied away from using colorful language to express his opinions, referred to the president as “Cadaver Joe” and took aim at his policies toward Israel during the current war. The comedian questioned the administration’s decision not to send weapons to Israel, emphasizing the urgency of the situation by reminding viewers that “American hostages and hostages from 22 countries” are still being held by terrorists.

“You’re not sending weapons now, you dumb f–k?” Rapaport exclaimed, his anger palpable in the video. The Jewish actor, who wore a Star of David necklace, then made a shocking declaration to Biden, stating, “I never, ever, ever thought I would say this, but I could promise you this right now…I’m not voting for you. You’re not getting my vote. And many of us also ain’t voting for you.”

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Rapaport’s message was his admission that voting for Trump is now “on the table,” a stark contrast to his previous outspoken criticism of the former president. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and political circles, as Rapaport’s stance on Trump has been well-documented and unwavering until now.

The video, which has garnered nearly 900,000 views on X, has sparked a heated debate among social media users, with many expressing their thoughts on Rapaport’s change of heart regarding the 2024 presidential election. Some have applauded the comedian for speaking out against Biden’s policies, while others have questioned the sincerity of his newfound support for Trump.

Rapaport’s decision to withdraw his support for Biden and consider voting for Trump highlights the complexities of the current political landscape and the ongoing tensions in the Middle East. As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to unfold, the comedian’s video serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted emotions and opinions that shape public discourse and political allegiances.

As the 2024 presidential election draws closer, it remains to be seen how Rapaport’s change of heart will impact the political conversation and whether other high-profile figures will follow suit in reevaluating their support for the current administration. One thing is certain: Michael Rapaport’s video has ignited a firestorm of debate and has the potential to shape the narrative surrounding the upcoming election.