Editorial Policy

One of our biggest goals is to make sure the Republican Nation is offering a platform for American voices while at the same time promoting the values they most closely align with. The editorial guidelines we have put in place are designed to make sure our team is honoring traditional journalistic standards.

Objective Reporting

We’re fair and we’re unbiased. Period. We don’t have time for any other nonsense. Our team is expected to verify their facts and corroborate their sources. Information must be provided accurately in order for us to be considered a trustworthy source.

Editorial Independence

Political bias doesn’t sway us in either direction. While we understand who our valued readers are, we feel our editorial team needs to have the freedom to challenge existing ideas, critique politicians and policies, and present a wide range of viewpoints. This is certainly not a narrow minded publication.


Our journalists are expected to disclose any potential conflict of interest, whether in the form of an affiliation, a financial tie, or some sort of personal relationship. It’s important to us that we report with transparency while working within ethical boundaries.


We honor and encourage respectful discourse. We know not everyone will have the same opinions and we want people to feel as though they are able to engage in lively conversations. That said, we will never tolerate or allow for hate speech, discrimination, or personal attacks.


If we make a mistake, we’ll correct it – period. We’ll also make clarifications where needed if something was more vague than it should have been.

Contact Us

Republican Nation understands how important it is to maintain a free but responsible press. Contact us at any time with your questions, comments, or concerns. Our editors are at the ready.