Glenn Beck: Failed Biden Policy Leading To Global War

Appearing on the Megyn Kelly podcast recently, conservative commentator Glenn Beck blamed the Biden administration for weakening the United States in global affairs through numerous failed policy decisions.

Beck believes that the Biden administration bears at least some blame for the horrific and unprecedented attack by the terrorist organization Hamas against Israeli civilians. He claims that Biden’s policies have severely weakened the American military and created a dangerous environment that could lead to World War III.

Beck’s statements were echoed by an October 9 U.S. House Budget Committee report titled “Biden’s Costly Policies: How Biden’s Foreign Policy Failures Jeopardize Global Financial Security.”

In the report, representatives state that among the most significant blunders that have led to the attack by Hamas, the administration’s chaotic and unnecessary withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan left about $7 billion in high-tech gear, munitions, and military vehicles in the hands of terrorist organizations. Then, the decision to provide $200 million to the Palestinian Authority directly benefited the terrorists.

Biden has been regularly criticized for taking weak positions against foreign aggressors. Even as the Russian invasion of Ukraine became apparent, the administration waffled on how, when, and how much support to offer. Only after Ukraine managed to repel the initial invasion push did the Biden administration begin to offer aid. While that conflict continues to rage unchecked, it is Israel that now calls the most attention.

The Biden administration made it clear early in the presidency that allowing immigration was a top priority, a contrast to former President Donald Trump, who initiated policies to refuse immigrants access and encouraged vetting of immigrants before turning them loose. Biden’s policy has resulted in millions of illegal immigrants arriving, many of whom hail from Muslim-dominated nations that are opposed to the U.S.

The Israeli Defense Forces were caught flat-footed by militants streaming across the border after one of the world’s worst intelligence failures. A primary target of the attack was an all-night music festival, a place of joy filled with young people. The murder, rape, and abduction of these young people is as much a symbolic gesture meant to strike fear into regular Israelis as it is meant to draw Israel into a conflict that could quickly engulf the Middle East.

Already, the leadership of Iran and Saudi Arabia have huddled in an effort to define ways to assist the terrorist organization in its goal of carving out a “Palestinian state” where none has ever existed before. Prior to Israel being founded in 1948, the region was under the control of the British and French. Before that, it was part of the Ottoman Empire dating to the 1500s. At no point has Palestine been “occupied,” as it never existed in the first place. The concessions made by Biden and by the Israeli leadership to pacify the Palestinian terrorists have only emboldened their actions and created a less safe environment.

Biden recently released $6 billion in “humanitarian aid” to Iran in a deal that saw the nations swap prisoners. While the aid package likely has not been used for funding terrorism, it has allowed Iran to divert other funds away from needs in the nation to funding terrorists abroad. Under his leadership, the U.S. military has lost tactical advantages against our enemies and Biden’s policies have created a “safe space” where terrorists are free to plot heinous devastation against peaceful people in the name of Allah. Every day that enemies of Israel plot her destruction and Biden fails to respond brings the world one sunset closer to global catastrophe.