Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Death Of Michigan Woman

Days after a young woman was found dead on the side of the road in Michigan, an illegal immigrant has been arrested and charged in connection to her death.

Brandon Ortiz-Vite, 28, was reportedly arrested on Sunday, March 24, two days after 25-year-old Ruby Garcia was found dead in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The suspect was charged with homicide, open murder, carrying a felony firearm, carjacking, operating while intoxicated and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

The incident — which is one of many that have made headlines in recent months as conservatives fight to have the nation’s border closed to illegal immigrants — gained attention with the help of the conservative social media account Libs of TikTok. Account owner Chaya Raichik posted a photo of the deceased woman and her suspected killer, saying that “Ruby’s life mattered.”

Raichik also included a link to a GoFundMe launched by the victim’s family to “help cover funeral expenses.” More than $15,000 has already been raised for the $13,000 goal.

Garcia was reportedly killed on Friday, March 22. According to an exclusive news report by The Midwesterner, Michigan State Police responded to a call just before midnight that reported a dead woman on the side of Route 131 in downtown Grand Rapids. Garcia was found with a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The young woman was identified by Mavi, her sister, who confirmed via Facebook that Ortiz-Vite was the main suspect in Ruby’s death. She noted at the time that he could make an attempt to flee the country, back to his origins in Mexico’s Durango and Puebla regions. However, Mavi later revealed that the suspect had been arrested.

While speaking with the Midwesterner, the sister did not share what the relationship was between Ruby and Ortiz-Vite, but did confirm claims that he was illegally residing in the United States.

The suspect is said to have killed Garcia in what started as a carjacking but ended as a homicide.

The tragedy comes amid ongoing debate about the border crisis and immigration laws, with conservative citizens and lawmakers putting consistent pressure on the White House to crack down on illegal immigration due to the increase in drug trafficking, attacks and even murders committed by illegal aliens.