Most Americans Want More Border Patrol Agents Hired, Poll Suggests

When it comes to immigration, the poll showed that Republicans are more concerned than Democrats and independents. Of those polled, 75% of Republicans reported that it was “extremely or very important;” 52% of Independents reported the same and 46% of Democrats agreed.

When it came to President Joe Biden’s handling of the border, 68% disapproved while 31% approved. Of course, those who approved of Biden’s border performance were mostly Democrats, with a 56% approval rating. Republican approval was only at 9% and independent approval was at 20%.

When compared to other polls, the results are similar. According to RealClearPolitics, Biden’s disapproval rating for the border was at 64% and 31.5% approval.

The polls suggest that Americans are getting frustrated with the Biden administration not securing the border. In February, Biden announced that he was going to tackle illegal immigration, stating that he was going to sign a bunch of executive orders to get ahold of the problem.

However, there has been no word as to what the plan is. According to an immigration policy advocate, who wished to remain anonymous, the administration does not see the problem as being urgent, since the amount of illegal immigrants crossing has declined.

“They’re in that pretty classic mode of, nothing is on fire right now,” the advocate said.

Meanwhile, border states like Texas have had to fend for themselves. NewsNation Southwest correspondent Ali Bradley read a memo she received from the Texas Department of Public Safety a few days ago.

“This situation now carries officer safety concerns, as migrants have become more aggressive towards law enforcement as they attempt to circumvent the border barriers and enter the U.S., according to law enforcement officers at the scene.”

The memo also warned that some illegal immigrants were told that they “will face no consequences for escalating their violent tactics and trying to breach those barriers,” making the situation worse.