Netanyahu Acknowledges ‘Unintended’ IDF Airstrike On Charity

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that an airstrike by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) mistakenly hit the World Central Kitchen, a food charity started by celebrity chef Jose Andres, killing seven food aid workers in Gaza.

“Unfortunately over the last day there was a tragic incident of an unintended strike of our forces on innocent people in the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu said in a video posted to X, formerly Twitter.

He assured viewers that officials are investigating the incident to take measures that will ensure it does not happen again.

The prime minister posted the announcement from the hospital because he had just undergone a hernia operation earlier in the day. “Released from Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Thanks to the doctors for the treatment and to you for the prayers and support,” the prime minister captioned the video in Hebrew.

World Central Kitchen said it is “pausing our operations immediately in the region” and “will be making decisions about the future of our work soon.”

Netanyahu explained that civilian casualties in war zones as a result of unintended fire are a tragedy and part of the collateral damage of warfare.

But one of the commenters replying to Netanyahu’s post reminded the rest of the thread viewers what the stakes are for Israel in this conflict.

Commenting in Hebrew, the replier said, “To start the video with ‘I’m released’ when there are still 134 Israeli hostages in the Hamas tunnels, oops, not the best choice of words.”
At the end of March, Israel’s government reported that 130 hostages that were abducted by Hamas on Oct. 7 last year remain in captivity, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. But at least 34 of those are reportedly dead and Israel is waiting to recover their bodies.

A month ago, the prime minister said that enough of the then 132 remaining hostages were still alive to justify Israel’s continued war with Hamas terrorists in the Palestinian city of Gaza.

“We’re going to try to do our best to get all those who are alive back and, frankly, also the bodies of the dead,” Netanyahu told ABC’s “This Week” program in an interview.