New Yorkers Throws Pizza At City Hall In Protest Of New Law

Artist and activist Scott LoBaido staged a creative protest in New York City earlier this week, throwing pizzas at City Hall in protest of a law targeting pizzerias using coal or wood-burning ovens — ordering them to reduce their carbon emissions by 75% or face massive fines.

In a viral video, the activist was seen calling out New York City officials for targeting pizza restaurants while excusing actual criminals and allowing naked LGBT “Pride” parades.

“The woke a— idiots who run this city are doing everything in their power to destroy it,” LoBaido said.

“We have naked men… all over this city yesterday, in public, in front of children. We have the most violent, raging crime rate ever,” he continued, adding: “Our teachers and first responder heroes who were fired [are] still not compensated because they didn’t take the Fauci injection. Our city schools produce the dumbest kids and the woke a— punks who run New York Sh—tty are afraid of pizza? The world used to respect New Yorkers as tough, thick-skinned, and gritty. Now, we have become p—ssified.”

The activist then pulled out a box of pizza and began throwing individual slices over the gates of City Hall, shouting: “Well … this is the New York Pizza Party! Give us pizza or give us death! Give us pizza or give us death!”

The new pizzeria rules were confirmed in a Sunday statement from NYC Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Ted Timbers.

“All New Yorkers deserve to breathe healthy air and wood and coal-fired stoves are among the largest contributors of harmful pollutants in neighborhoods with poor air quality,” the statement read. “This common-sense rule, developed with restaurant and environmental justice groups, requires a professional review of whether installing emission controls is feasible.”

These new rules are likely to decimate one of New York City’s biggest tourist attractions — as the city is famous worldwide for its pizza. The New York Post reports that the regulations will cause pizzerias with ovens installed before 2016 to pay upwards of $20,000 to install new air filtration systems, including new maintenance costs.

Up to 100 restaurants could be subject to the new rule, including several iconic pizzerias — such as Lombardo’s in Little Italy, Arturo’s in Soho, and John’s of Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village.

One restaurant owner told the New York Post that some of his fellow business owners have been attempting to negotiate with the city to include a grandfather clause — while also pointing out that the air filtration system will significantly affect the quality and taste of the food.

“This is an unfunded mandate and it’s going to cost us a fortune not to mention ruining the taste of the pizza totally destroying the product,” the unidentified business owner told the outlet. “If you f—k around with the temperature in the oven you change the taste. That pipe, that chimney, it’s that size to create the perfect updraft, keeps the temp perfect, it’s an art as much as a science. You take away the char, the thing that makes the pizza taste great, you kill it.”