Officials Clean Up Migrant Camps In El Paso Before Biden’s Visit

Illegal immigrants in El Paso, Texas, were arrested, their camps were taken down and some were even deported back to Mexico ahead of President Joe Biden’s first-ever visit to the southern border reportedly because officials didn’t “want to show him the reality of things.”

El Paso is the epicenter of the border crisis. In mid-December, the city saw up to 2,500 illegal aliens crossing the border per day, with videos of the aftermath showing law enforcement patrolling and arresting illegal aliens that were sleeping on the streets of El Paso outside of a bus station, and the Sacred Heart Church shelter.

Speaking with the New York Post, Maria Rodriguez — an illegal alien from Venezuela — discussed living in a dumpster for three days and trying to avoid being deported ahead of Biden’s visit.

“People are saying that if you are out in the streets the Border Patrol will get you and deport you because the President is coming to El Paso and they don’t want to show him the reality of things,” Rodriguez said. “I hope we get shelter tonight because it took us a lot of courage to go out of that dumpster after three days… We just don’t want to keep running. All we are asking is for one chance.”

A Border Patrol agent told the New York Post that 200 illegal aliens had been deported back to Mexico on Saturday, just one day before Biden’s scheduled trip.

According to the Daily Wire, Biden was “scheduled to visit El Paso Sunday afternoon, much to the dismay of some border patrol agents who say it is too little, too late.”

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd revealed that border agents are “beyond frustrated that [Biden] allowed this issue to get as bad as it is, he’s not coming to the border of his own accord. He would have done that a long, long time ago.”

Meanwhile, officials may have violated the Biden administration’s own policies by covering up the border crisis ahead of Biden’s visit.

Speaking with NBC News, National Immigration Law Center vice president of law and policy Lisa Graybill asserted that the removal of illegal aliens from the front of a church shelter was a violation of Homeland Security policy. In a memo sent in October 2021, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that illegal aliens should not be arrested at shelters such as places of worship or courthouses.

The Border Patrol Union has spoken out against the actions being taken to hide the true conditions in El Paso from the president.

“El Paso being cleaned up as if nothing unusual ever happened there. Just in time for Biden’s ‘visit to the border’. We suggest just landing in Des Moines, Iowa, and telling him it’s El Paso. He’ll never know the difference,” the union tweeted on Friday.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) also called Biden out for visiting a “sanitized version” of El Paso, rather than actually witnessing the reality of the situation.

This was Biden’s first trip to the southern border in his entire nearly 50-year political career. After successfully avoiding visiting the U.S.-Mexico border as a senator and vice president, he waited almost exactly two years into his presidency to finally witness the chaos caused by his administration’s open-border policies. Fortunately for him, a clean-up crew was able to prevent him from actually seeing the reality of the situation during his visit.