‘Pride Mass’ Protesters Gather Outside Biden’s Church

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., has become a focal point of controversy as it prepares to host a gay Pride Mass on Wednesday evening.

The church, known for counting President Joe Biden among its congregants, has drawn the attention of conservative Catholics who are planning to gather outside the church to pray the rosary in protest.

Rev. Kevin Gillespie, the pastor of Holy Trinity, has defended the decision to hold the Mass, asserting it is not a celebration of personal vanity. Instead, he explains the festivities are in alignment with the parish’s mission statement, which emphasizes the importance of accompanying one another in Christ, celebrating God’s love, and transforming lives.

The decision to proceed with the Pride Mass is noteworthy, considering the teachings of the Catholic Church, which regard homoerotic activity as a sin or “grave depravity” and “intrinsically disordered.” Furthermore, the Catechism of the Catholic Church identifies “pride” as one of the seven capital sins, with the potential to engender other sinful behaviors.

In response to these teachings, conservative Catholics have rallied together, organizing an event outside the church premises. Their intention is to pray the rosary as an act of reparation for what they perceive as the church honoring and celebrating sin.

Ironically, a flier promoting the rally emphasizes that while the Catholic Church upholds the dignity of all individuals and advocates compassion and respect, it does not condone sin, particularly within the sacred context of the Mass.

Interestingly, the Pride Mass at President Biden’s parish comes shortly after he hosted a Pride celebration at the White House — which garnered both support and criticism. The event drew attention for prominently displaying the Pride flag on the south portico of the presidential mansion.

However, it also faced controversy when a transgender influencer was seen topless during the gathering, prompting the White House to issue a condemnation of the incident. Despite reaching out to the Archdiocese of Washington for comment, the Associated Press received no response regarding the upcoming Pride Mass and planned protest outside Holy Trinity Catholic Church.