Report: Kelce Spent More Than $8 Million Courting Swift

Pop star Taylor Swift might have achieved billionaire status, but that does not mean she is picking up the tab when it comes to her high-profile relationship with Travis Kelce.

A new report found that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has shelled out millions of dollars on trips, gifts and other expenses associated with courting the 2023 Time “Person of the Year.”

According to the New York Post, the lion’s share of more than $8 million in estimated spending went toward a mansion in Leawood, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. According to sources, Kelce was “self-conscious” about the nearly million-dollar home he bought about five years ago and felt he needed a bigger residence to impress Swift and offer more isolation from paparazzi as his public profile grew.

His new 17,000 square-foot home, protected behind a gate, reportedly sold for about $6 million in what one real estate agent described as one of the country’s “to 50 wealthiest towns.”

In addition to the spacious interior, the residence also reportedly boasts a tennis court, miniature golf course and large swimming pool.

A number of private jet flights around the world added up to more than $1.2 million more, according to estimates.

Aviation consultant Richard Levy said “around $300,000 would be the approximate charge to charter a 10-seat private jet to fly from the U.S. to an international destination round trip.”

Kelce has reportedly booked at least three such trips — to Argentina, Australia and Singapore — to visit Swift, who recently wrapped up her record-breaking world tour.

While the NFL star brought home a cool $164,000 bonus for his team’s recent Super Bowl victory, he reportedly dropped more than six times that much on a lavish suite for Swift, her friends, and members of both of their families for the big game. Kelce addressed the massive cost during a segment of his podcast, asserting that he was “making sure [he was] on top of those finances and losing all this money.”

Reports indicate Kelce spent much more on incidental gifts, including about $22,000 on Valentine’s Day alone, though his girlfriend might indirectly provide some financial benefits.

Thanks to the increased attention due to his relationship with Swift, increased merchandise sales could translate to $5 million or more in additional annual income for the 34-year-old player.