Report: Off-Duty San Antonio Officers Hired To Guard Illegals

Armed San Antonio police officers with squad cars present are working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in San Antonio to protect human smuggling operations.

That’s the shocking conclusion in a new report from Tenet Media. The investigation revealed that these law enforcement personnel are employed to ensure the continued passage of illegal migrants across the southern border into the U.S.

Reporter Tayler Hansen noted the officers are working for additional income from this questionable second job. Approached by the journalist, they merely offered “no comment” when questioned about their roles.

Hansen told a pair of off-duty officers that the NGOs they work for claim to not fund migrant flights. Migrants themselves, however, reported “the exact opposite.”

The reporter further questioned the San Antonio law enforcement officers on why they were not investigating the operations they guarded for human smuggling. Again, the elusive “no comment” was the only response offered.

According to information Hansen provided to The Post Millennial, Catholic Charities is one of the organizations laboring to smuggle immigrants into the country.

He added that the two officers were “up front helping human smugglers as they’re on [the] police force in their official capacity but taking money on a side gig. Allowing human smuggling to happen when they should be investigating what is human smuggling into America.”

The officers worked even as a recent Texas law is set to make human smuggling a felony with a 10-year minimum prison sentence. Senate Bill 4 was signed into law in November by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott during a special session of the legislature.

It will take effect Feb. 6.

Operators of stash houses who previously faced mere misdemeanors now are charged with felonies carrying a mandatory five-year prison term. GOP lawmakers along with Abbott argued that Joe Biden’s abject failure to secure the southern border left them with no choice but to act.

The irony is outrageous as uniformed police officers perform off-duty tasks apparently in support of those smuggling illegal migrants into the country. Their presence gives an air of legitimacy to what may well be an unlawful enterprise.

If confirmed, this is a situation that should be promptly addressed by Texas authorities.