Texas ‘Defund’ Police Radical Demands Extra Protection

A radical Texas Democrat rewrote the definition of hypocrisy as he called for increased police patrols in his neighborhood to protect his home from criminal activity. Rep. Gregorio “Greg” Casar (D-TX) was a stalwart of the left when he loudly called for defunding the Austin Police Department.

And just last week he publicly denounced the same department for what he alleged were racist practices.

Casar filed the request for extra protection through the United States Capitol Police in Washington. It was forwarded to the Austin Police Department, and many immediately took exception to the delicious irony of his request.

Posting Tuesday on X, formerly Twitter, the Austin Police Retired Officers Association noted the arrogant move.

The group explained, “It’s come to our attention that anti-police king of the defund movement in Austin, Greg Casar, who only last week called APD an agency with racist practices, has requested enhanced patrols around his house for the next week.”

The organization said it wants everyone to feel safe, but the move appears to be the “height of hypocrisy.” It added, “Maybe he should hire private security like his fellow squad members do. Sure seems like he wants the police in his neighborhood just not yours.”

Casar put himself front and center in the 2020 push to strip resources away from Austin law enforcement.

In August of that year, Casar posted on X, “We did it!! Austin City Council just reduced APD’s budget by over $100 million and reinvested resources into our community’s safety and well-being.”

This leftist push led to a critical police shortage and a deluge of officers deciding that was a good time to retire.

And just last week, the progressive Casar sent a letter to the Department of Justice blasting the very same Austin Police Department he now seeks protection through.

He told officials that there is a “need for systemic reforms to the Department’s policies and practices of excessive and lethal force, racial discrimination and discrimination against people with mental health conditions.”

The social media reaction on X was blistering.

Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak denounced Casar as “a fraud.” Austin attorney Adam Loewy noted that Casar “believes APD is a racist institution that requires DOJ oversight but then requests more APD patrols around his house.”