Trump Wildly Cheered At Madison Square Garden UFC Event

Former President Donald Trump wowed the Saturday night UFC 295 crowd as he made a triumphant entrance into Madison Square Garden. The 2024 Republican frontrunner was flanked by conservative journalist Tucker Carlson and singer Kid Rock.

UFC head Dana White also accompanied Trump out of the tunnel as the packed house exploded in cheers.

The former president is an ardent UFC fan and has attended multiple previous events. His Saturday reception echoed his appearance at UFC 290 in Las Vegas in July where he was accompanied by actor Mel Gibson and Roger Stone.

And few can forget UFC 287 when legendary fighter Jorge Masvidal led a rowdy rendition of the famous “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

Trump’s appearance at the iconic arena reportedly followed a quick flight after a weekend rally in New Hampshire. The reception the New York City crowd greeted him with must be a heavy source of frustration for leftists who cannot muster such a reaction for their deeply unpopular incumbent.

Once again, the people have spoken. Radical leftists continue to shower the GOP frontrunner with frivolous indictments but to no avail.

Trump sidestepped the Republican debates ahead of the 2024 primaries and his popularity only increased. Poll after poll shows the 45th president pulling away from Joe Biden as Americans realize how far the country has fallen under the Democrat.

Unscrupulous leftists even embarked to keep Trump off the ballot in key swing states. But so far, these efforts are all to no avail.

According to composite polling data from FiveThirtyEight, the former president is supported by 55.6% of Republicans. This ranks far ahead of Trump’s challengers, most of whom are smart enough to fire their arrows at each other and not the leader.

In further good news for the Trump campaign, he is polling ahead of the woeful Biden in six out of seven battleground states.

And then there’s the reception Trump receives as he crosses the nation. Even in New York City, the GOP frontrunner is greeted by a hero’s welcome from an adoring crowd that was clearly from the heart.

When was the last time the general public greeted Biden with anything more than polite and lukewarm applause?

Those 91 politically motivated indictments might as well be a million for all the harm they are doing to Trump’s popularity. These are not heady times to be a Democrat, particularly for those morbidly offended by the groundswell of MAGA supporters greeting the former president.