US Majority Unhappy With Direction America Is Moving In

An Associated Press-NORC Research Center poll has revealed the vast majority of Americans feel the nation is moving in the “wrong direction.” With just 21% of Americans approving of the way things are going, the poll sheds light on a serious problem in the US that keeps getting swept under the rug.

With 78% of Americans believing the country is headed in the wrong direction, we can’t seem to stay unified on what the core focus should be at this point. If a majority is already in agreement, it may be time to cease fire on arguments about who the better president is and what they’ve done and migrate to a discussion on how we turn this ship around.

The AP-NORC surveyed respondents just after Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted from office. While left-leaning media outlets continue to make claims that this move only rattled Americans and made them question the security of their nation, alt news argues it’s more than just the MAGA crowd who are cheering over the bold congressional move.

The AP-NORC poll shows only 25% of Republicans agreed with the decision to oust McCarthy though.

The poll revealed Americans’ opinions of the country are the most negative that they’ve been since May — a time when the debt ceiling crisis was making the airwaves regularly.

Just 38% of respondents approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing, in contrast to 61% of respondents who don’t.

Additionally, 54% of respondents claim they have an unfavorable view of Biden, compared to just 42% who view him favorably.

The AP-NORC poll reported just 30% of Americans believe Biden did nothing wrong regarding his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Former President Donald Trump managed to pull less impressive numbers with 58% of respondents viewing him unfavorably against 37% who marked “favorable.”

Still, the political climate is ripe for change. Recent data from RealClearPolitics asserts Trump and Biden are nearly deadlocked in the race for the White House, with Trump having a 0.8% point lead on Biden.

Make it make sense, right?

Despite the common core math problems, Americans aren’t stupid.

Professor Jonathan Turley or George Washington University Law School remarked, “Despite the media running cover of the Bidens for years, the public is just not buying it…”

Republicans are looking for justice. They want to right the wrongs in this nation, and it appears they think Trump is the best person Republicans are eager to choose for that job.

With the next election just over one year away, many Americans are worried about how much farther down the wrong path the US could fall in the meantime.