Whistleblower Alleges IRS Removed ‘Entire Investigative Team’ On Hunter Biden Probe

A whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the IRS allegedly removed the “entire investigative team” on the probe looking into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for tax-related violations — and asserted that the move was done at the behest of Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ).

Speaking with Congress on Monday, the whistleblower’s attorney Mark Lytle stated that his client and the “entire investigative team” — who were tasked with investigating Hunter Biden at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) — had been removed from the case at the request of the DOJ.

“Today the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Supervisory Special Agent we represent was informed that he and his entire investigative team are being removed from the ongoing and sensitive investigation of the high-profile, controversial subject about which our client sought to make whistleblower disclosures to Congress,” read a letter sent to congressional leaders, which was obtained by The Federalist. “He was informed the change was at the request of the Department of Justice.”

In a separate letter sent last month to several congressional committee chairs, Lytle divulged other claims from the same whistleblower about “political interference in the criminal investigation of a high-profile, politically connected individual.”

The letter did not contain any specific details about the allegations, unnamed sources later confirmed that the criminal case the whistleblower was discussing concerned Hunter Biden.

It has been public knowledge for some time now that Hunter was under criminal investigation for tax fraud since December 2020, with the president’s son even acknowledging the matter when asked about it by reporters.

During testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee on April 27, IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel claimed that there would be “no retaliation for anyone making an allegation or a call to a whistleblower hotline” — but it appears that is not the case, as the whistleblower has been removed from his position on the Hunter Biden tax probe.

In the initial letter last month, the IRS whistleblower claimed that his testimony would directly “contradict sworn testimony to Congress” from a “senior political appointee.” They also stated that they would unveil the “failure to mitigate clear conflicts of interest in the ultimate disposition of the case” and reveal evidence of “preferential treatment and politics” that they say improperly affected “decisions and protocols.”

Sources familiar with the tax fraud investigation reportedly told Just the News that the whistleblower also had evidence that “at least two Biden DOJ political appointees in U.S. attorneys’ offices have declined to seek a tax indictment against Hunter Biden despite career investigators’ recommendations to do so.”

The whistleblower’s allegations call into question previous claims by Attorney General Merrick Garland. During a March Senate committee hearing, Garland discussed the ability of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss — the federal prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden — to carry out the investigation without roadblocks.

“I promise to ensure that he’s able to carry out his investigation and that he’d be able to run it,” Garland told Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), adding that if Weiss “needs to bring [the case] in another jurisdiction, he will have full authority to do that.”

Now that the whistleblower was dismissed from the Hunter Biden investigation, their attorney is requesting that Congress give the matter “prompt attention.”

“Removing the experienced investigators who have worked this case for years and are now the subject-matter experts is exactly the sort of issue our client intended to blow the whistle on to begin with,” Lytle’s letter states.