Contractor Paid Billions To Promote Critical Race Theory

A contractor that has been given more than $5 billion by the federal government is set to continue its promotion of critical race theory in upcoming programs, according to information obtained by The Daily Wire.

An internal memo to employees from the Mitre Corporation—a nonprofit that has received more than three thousand contracts from the federal government—shows that critical race theorist Robin DiAngelo will be a keynote speaker for an upcoming event and that the organization will be promoting her controversial books on the same topic.

The memo was obtained by Daily Wire journalist Spencer Lindquist, who first shared his report on X.

The Mitre Corporation has been granted thousands of contracts amounting to billions of taxpayer dollars since President Joe Biden took office three years ago. It has actively worked to promote the left-wing agenda notoriously known as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

DiAnglo, an education professor at the University of Washington and author of books titled “White Fragility” and “Nice Racism,” is scheduled to appear at the nonprofit group’s “Week of Belonging” event that starts on April 22.

According to the memo, DiAngelo is going to participate in a “fireside chat” in order to talk about what is “needed to be effective stewards and overcome challenges” and “create the impact we want to see.”

In total, the Mitre Corporation is projected to be awarded almost $13 million from contracts with federal government agencies under the Biden administration alone. The current administration has notoriously supported DEI programs during its years in the White House, although Biden’s team has backed off certain efforts following backlash.

In 2021, the administration’s Department of Education released plans to reopen public schools following extensive closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the recommendations was a link to the radical Abolitionist Teaching Network, which was suggested as an organization that could provide mandatory anti-racism training for white teachers.

After being met with significant backlash and questions from the public, the Department of Education issued a statement saying the critical race theory promoted by the radical group is “not endorsed” by the government, adding that “it was an error” to link to the group in the document.

Additionally, the memo obtained by The Daily Wire detailed that the Mitre Corporation would be sponsoring 10 book clubs throughout its group that will read one of DiAngelo’s two books. The clubs are described in the memo as being established “in honor of DiAngelo’s keynote engagement” and their hosts “will receive five labor hours” for their time.