Illinois School Teacher Fired For Being Bipolar, Supporting Satanism

An Illinois school teacher was recently fired for posting about satanism and admitted to having bipolar disorder and psychosis.

The vile posts from the art teacher last hired at William J. Butler Elementary School in Lockport were shared by prominent accounts on X, formerly known as Twitter, such as Libs of TikTok, as reported by the Blaze.

“I HAVE BIPOLAR 1 DISORDER WITH MANIA AND PSYCHOSIS!” one of the teacher’s posts read.

“This condition has drastically changed my life for better and worse,” he added. “Because of it I suffer from irrational thought processes which make my fears and anxieties triple.”

In a separate post, the teacher claimed that white supremacists had taken over law enforcement agencies and appeared to praise satanism.

The teacher faced scrutiny for his post that went viral on social media, with many demanding actions from Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C. Some parents of district students expressed anger over the teacher’s posts.

“If he has his lifestyle, so be it, but that is not going to be put onto our children,” parent Julie McDaniel told WFLD-TV, according to the Blaze.

“I’ve seen some anti-religious, child sacrifice, there was Satan worship,” another parent told Fox 32.

The Illinois school board recently held an emergency meeting about the teacher in question. The board’s meeting eventually led to the teacher’s dismissal.

“The Board of Education held a special meeting this evening to consider action on an employee issue. The Board of Education approved the dismissal of a certified employee,” Superintendent Dr. Craig Schoppe, said.

Multiple parents complained that the school district did not adequately assess the teacher before hiring him, adding that they were brainstorming ways to unseat some school board members in the next election.

“As you may have heard or seen online, there has been some question and concern with regards to 33C hiring protocol and details surrounding the conditions of hire for new employees,” the district said, according to Fox 32.

“While the district cannot speak on matters of personnel for individual employees, I do want parents to know that I have heard your concerns, understand the issues highlighted by the community, and am investigating the situation,” the district added.