Trump: Biden Bribery Schemes Obvious For All To See

Bank records revealed by House GOP investigators on Wednesday show the Biden family and its associates have accumulated a staggering $20 million from foreign sources in nations like Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. This financial web, which features the closest members of Joe Biden’s family at its center, caught the eye of President Donald Trump, who did not mince words on the topic.

During an interview with Newsmax host Eric Bolling, Trump said, “That’s a tremendous amount of money. And nothing was done for it. It was just a bribe.” Referring to Ukrainian prosecutor-general Viktor Shokin’s removal following ex-Vice President Joe Biden’s threat to withhold $1 billion in US aid, Trump observed, “You talk about quid pro quo; that was quid pro quo.”

Of particular interest in these bank records is the movement of $3.5 million on Valentine’s Day 2014, from Yelena Baturina, Russian billionaire and former Moscow first lady, to Rosemont Seneca Thornton. This firm was managed by Hunter Biden and his past business partner, Devon Archer. Trump was candid about this revelation, noting, “I believe it was him, indirectly or directly.”

Trump didn’t stop at these allegations, either. He posited that Joe Biden may have had even more extensive dealings with China, hinting that these transactions were more than meets the eye. Highlighting the University of Pennsylvania’s financial dealings with China, Trump said, “I believe we have a compromised person as president,” alluding to possible financial incentives behind Biden’s foreign policy.

As we dig deeper into the released documents, it becomes clear that the Bidens’ foreign ties are not limited to a single incident or transaction. For instance, Hunter Biden secured a $1 million per annum agreement from Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, coincidentally around the time Joe Biden began overseeing Team Obama’s Ukrainian endeavors.

Corporate media defenders of the Bidens, such as Philip Bump of The Washington Post, argue that no concrete evidence has surfaced, even in light of an outright bribe involving the president. The rationale is: If the money flowed to Hunter, it didn’t necessarily involve Joe. This viewpoint, however, sidesteps the significant ethical questions about public officials’ misuse of their titles for personal or familial gain.

As House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) noted this week, there’s an undeniable pattern — foreign oligarchs shelling out vast sums, enjoying meals and phone calls with Joe Biden, and capitalizing on the “Biden brand.”

Meanwhile, House Republicans, armed with untold numbers of additional bank records, are working to unpack the actual depth of the Biden family’s foreign engagements. While it’s paramount to ensure political impartiality in this analysis, it is equally essential for the American public to stay informed. The depth and breadth of the Bidens’ foreign transactions warrant close observation, and we must remain vigilant in demanding transparency from our leaders.