Eric Adams Has A Communist Party Fashion Accessory

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has sported a red Chinese Communist Party scarf on multiple occasions over the last few weeks, paying homage to the fallen soldiers of Chinese communism instead of to United States troops who fought for New Yorkers’ freedoms, comfort, prosperity, and security.

Adams is reportedly a fashion-conscious politician about his wardrobe and choice of articles for his outfits, so he is likely making a statement with the new red accessory draped around his neck and shoulders.

The red scarf is a sacred symbol of the Chinese Communist Party. It represents the blood of Chinese Red Guards who died fighting for communism. New Yorkers spotted Adams wearing the scarf at the first annual Brooklyn Lantern Parade and in Manhattan’s Chinatown on Sunday.

Adams proudly showed off the scarf as he attended Lunar New Year events last weekend in Manhattan and Queens, celebrating the Chinese traditional calendar new year.

Someone gave Adams a red scarf at the Prelude to the Lunar New Year at Cipriani Downtown, which featured a fashion show hosted by China Media Group, a state media company in China, on Jan. 26. Communist Party-controlled CCTV eagerly reported the mayor’s presence at the Chinese New Year’s charity event.

A spokesperson for the mayor said he did not know the scarf had a symbolic meaning to the Chinese Communist Party. Someone handed him one, the spokesperson said, when he attended the Brooklyn Lantern Parade in Sunset Park after getting an invitation from Councilmember Susan Zhuang.

“Mayor Adams was proud to march in two Lunar New Year parades this weekend to honor the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who celebrate the holiday,” a spokesperson told the New York Post.

“During the festivities, someone handed Mayor Adams a red scarf and he put it on without looking at any logo on it. He wore that same scarf at the second event as well. That is the beginning and end of this story,” the Adams spokesperson said.

Adams has made strong remarks against communism in the past. On Memorial Day, he said, “You water the tree of freedom with your blood. We sit under the shade of that tree of freedom protected from the hot rays of socialism and communism and destruction that’s playing out across the globe.”