Epstein Met With Biden, Obama Official After Conviction

An official who served under the Biden and Obama administrations met privately several times with notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein after the disgraced financier was convicted.

According to Townhall, Epstein’s private calendar showed several meetings with Joe Biden’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director, William J. Burns. Burns also served under former President Barack Obama.

The meetings with Epstein were scheduled after he was jailed and convicted in 2008. Despite this, CIA spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp asserted that Burns had no knowledge of the horrific past of the person he was sitting down with.

The head of the nation’s powerful intelligence agency was clueless that he was face-to-face with a convicted pedophile.

She said that the future CIA director was only looking for advice on leaving the federal government position he held in 2014. “The director did not know anything about him, other than he was introduced as an expert in the financial services sector and offered general advice.”

That advice was reportedly on how to transition into the private sector. She added that “they had no relationship.”

Three meetings were scheduled after Epstein was incarcerated in 2008. They were to be held in Washington D.C. and Manhattan, New York. It is unclear if all of the meetings took place and the calendar did not record the purpose of the private sessions.

Townhall cited the Wall Street Journal in reporting that Obama administration attorney Kathryn Ruemmler scheduled over a dozen meetings with the financier. The WSJ also noted that Epstein planned for Ruemmler to join at least two trips he went on.

One was a 2015 excursion to Paris and the other was a 2017 outing to Epstein’s private Caribbean island.

Fox News reported that he introduced the Obama attorney to Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

It is remarkable that the mainstream media acts as though all of Epstein’s secrets died with him in that jail cell. So-called journalists found time to falsely assert ties with former President Donald Trump, but obvious threads have yet to be unraveled.

It is most unlikely they will show the proper concern that Biden’s CIA director had multiple private meetings with Epstein after he was convicted as a pedophile.

That would be too much like the proper function of the profession.