Greg Abbott Secures Third Term As Texas Governor

In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was challenged during this year’s election season by Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

Amid his effort to flip Texas blue, O’Rourke repeatedly spread lies about Abbott. He crashed press conferences and worked to demonize Abbott at every possible turn. At one point, the Texas Democrat even lied about his own policies on guns.

However, all of this work was in vain. On Tuesday, Texas voters overwhelmingly rejected O’Rourke. He now has failed senatorial, presidential and gubernatorial runs under his belt.

Abbott, on the other hand, made it clear earlier this week that he is more than ready to get to work for the folks of the Lone Star State.

Victory For Abbott
After securing a third term as the governor of Texas, Abbott delivered a resounding victory speech. In this victory speech, Abbott spoke about the people of Texas and how they influenced him to fight for the state.

The governor mentioned Texans who came up to him and expressed their interest in Texas securing the border and not being handed over to Democrats. Later, Abbott said he was inspired by the people of his state to work hard, fight hard, and never give up on the values that matter most.

As far as the future of the Lone Star State goes, Abbott has been clear that he is ready to get to work. This means focusing on matters like the economy and jobs, both of which are top of mind for Texans.

On Tuesday night, many Abbott supporters and Republicans outside of Texas celebrated his win.

Defeat For O’Rourke
While Abbott ran a campaign that focused on the issues that most Texans care about, O’Rourke centered his campaign around abortion and transgenderism on children. The Texas Democrat also infamously downplayed the real problems with the southern border.

Granted, this method of campaigning helped O’Rourke win the support of Democrats in the Lone Star State. Yet, it certainly did not do him any favors with Republicans or Independents.

O’Rourke’s lack of focus on the right issues, along with his inability to acknowledge real problems in the state, showed most voters of Texas that he was not the right pick to lead.

During the Texas Democrat’s concession speech, he talked about remaining in the “fight” with his supporters. Time will tell if O’Rourke eventually decides to begin yet another campaign for public office.